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Why Trade with WorldWideMarkets?

  • Superior Execution: The rate you see is the rate you trade – virtually no requotes.
  • Safety of Funds: Highest standards of Regulation; backed by the reputation and track record of Management.
  • Choice in Trading: Offering forex and CFD trading, US Stocks and Managed Accounts; as well as Currenex for high frequency institutional traders.
  • Choice in Platforms: Our flagship AlphaTrader has gotten rave reviews for its modern intuitive design and innovative features. We also offer the ever popular MetaTrader4. These platforms also have mobile trading capability. Currenex rounds out the range.

Superior Execution

The rate you see is the rate you trade – virtually no requotes. Our average execution time of 35 milliseconds is known to be one of the best in the industry.

Safety of Funds

Our high standards of regulation are approved by the FCA and FSC; which allows our firm to protect clients funds in order to provide a safe and secure online trading experience.

Premium Tools

Choose from both fixed spreads and variable spreads on Forex and CFD trading accounts. Our support team is available 24/5 to help you get started trading. Get the latest trade ideas from our blog from our in house trading analysis experts.

Multiple Platforms

We offer three types of trading platforms. Our flagship platform – AlphaTrader has received great reviews for its intuitive design and innovative features. We also offer the very popular MetaTrader 4. Currenex is available for institutional traders.

Partner Programs

We offer high paying partnership programs for introducing brokers (IBs), affiliates, and other various types of money mangers and trading advisors. Our proprietary IB Explorer is an extraordinarily useful IB administration tool and is widely used by our partners.

Quick registration

Start trading in a few minutes with the quickest live account registration and funding process in the industry. AlphaTrader allows deposits to trading accounts directly within the trading platform! Alternatively, you can open and fund a new account at this page.


WorldWideMarkets has adopted “Higher Standards. Better Execution.” as the tagline that most aptly describes the company’s mission to provide a highly secure Forex trading experience along with superior trading execution. The loyalty of our long term customers and partners is testament to delivering on this promise.

Research says, and we know from our own experience, that what traders care most about is the safety of their funds and whether their trades are executed as they are supposed to be, and with fairness. Our higher standards reflect the reputation, track record and integrity of Management over long and successful careers serving customers. As to execution, our core customers highly value the reliable fixed spreads that our price discovery technology has enabled in all market conditions over the years. Now, with the launch of our variable spreads product, traders that strongly prefer variable spreads can access the unequaled quality of execution that WWM customers have always enjoyed.



Our risk management system enables retail trades of all sizes to be handled automatically, and without the intervention of a dealing desk.

WorldWideMarkets does not consider individual trades or accounts but instead analyzes the aggregated risk associated with total customer open positions, both long and short, and across all currency pairs.

The automation of our risk management allows all trades and all lot sizes to be handled by the risk management engine continuously for an ongoing efficient monitoring system. The process allows for all trades to be handled the same regardless of the contract size since risk is aggregated and may be hedged accordingly in real time with any counterparty in the marketplace.

For example, if the aggregated EUR/USD long position in $90MM and the short position is $80MM at a particular time, the net position is long $10MM which is then offset against the net position of other currency pairs based on price midpoints. The net aggregate position across all currency pairs is then offset in the market.

WorldWideMarkets earns money through a portion of the bid / ask spread.



WorldWideMarkets Ltd, open to traders residing outside the United Kingdom, offers the quickest onboarding, a broader range of funding options and more frequent promotions. WorldWideMarkets, Ltd. is licensed with and regulated by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (“BVI FSC”); License No. SIBA/L/11/0960, and governed by the regulatory regime enhanced by the Securities and Investment Business Act of 2010 (SIBA). FSC firms are subject to strict regulatory scrutiny, including annual independent financial audits, annual risk assessments and compliance reporting and punitive sanctions for firms that fail to fully comply with FSC requirements. The regulations of the BVI FSC require that customer assets are identified, accounted for, and appropriately segregated.

WorldWideMarkets is licensed with the FSC under

Category 1 – Dealing in Investments
Sub-category A – Dealing as an Agent and
Sub-Category B – Dealing as a Principal.
WorldWideMarkets is one of only four companies to have a license for dealing in investments. This is the highest and most regulated license available in the FSC regulatory framework.

Brokerage Info:
Legal Name: WorldWideMarkets Ltd
Operational Since: 2011
Domiciled Country: British Virgin Islands
Headquarters City: Town Tortola
International Offices: Argentina Cyprus Jordan New Zealand Russian Federation United Kingdom
Regulation: FSC(UK), FSC(BVI), MiFID
Monthly Volume In USD: Undisclosed
Number Of Liquidity Providers: Undisclosed
Managed Account Services: No
Markets/Instraments: Forex, Metals Energy CFDs Commodities
Parent/Subsidiary/Affiliations: Independant Brokerage

Account Parameters:
Broker Type: Market Maker
Account Types: Standard
MAM/PAMM Accounts: No
Min. Deposit: USD 25
Minimum lot size: .01
Max Leverage: 1:200
Spread type: Variable
Execution Type: Instant
Payment options: Credit Card, Wire transfer, Netellrt, Skrill
Withdrawal options: Same as Deposit
Accept US clients: No

Trading Features:
Currency Pairs Total: 40+
Trading platforms: MT4, Mobile, AlphaTrader Suite
Commission Fees: Yes
News Trading: Yes
Mirror/Social Trading: Ask
Scalping: Yes
Hedging: Yes
Expert Advisors: Yes
Swap Free: No
API support: No
OCO Orders: No

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