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Why Choose Global Prime?

We aim to provide the ultimate trading experience for our clients.

There are many to choose from however not all brokers are created equal. Here at Global Prime we shine for a variety of reasons. Our goal is to provide a premium service for serious traders ensuring a great experience trading Forex. Let’s examine how we achieve this.

Global Prime does not run a B book or profit from client losses.

Running a B book is the process that most other brokers adopt to maximise their profits at the expense of their clients.  The process generally involves trades not actually going to market.  When the trader makes a trade, it is filled by the broker on their B book but not actually in the market.  What this means is that while the trader is winning, the broker is losing money and when the trader loses, the broker makes the money that the trader has lost.  This presents a conflict of interest between a trader and their broker as it is becomes advantageous for the broker when the trader makes a loss.  Furthermore, unscrupulous brokers can influence their traders in making a loss.

A hybrid broker is one that runs an A-book and a B-book. When their clients are profitable they will switch them to a sub-standard A-book feed where the clients trades go out to market. The losing clients will be put on the B-book. If a broker is focused on their B-book profits you can be sure their profitable A-book clients are not getting the attention they deserve.

Global Prime is a firm believer that there should be no conflict of interest between a broker and their traders.  We do not believe in B Book or ‘hybrid’ ECNs, and to prove that trades are actually made we provide our clients with trade receipts on request showing which banks filled the traders trade and when.

Customer Service

Global Prime doesn’t just stop at great customer service. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients and offer them the support they need when they need it. We won’t be selling you on higher leverage or deposit bonuses like other brokers. Instead, our goal is to create a mutually beneficial, supportive business relationship that focuses on the success of our traders and rewards Global Prime in line with the success of our traders.


Global Prime excels in our customer service. We are available throughout the day to help you when in need. We believe that by providing a reliable customer service, based on responsible trading practices, we can ensure that our clients trade within their capabilities and experience and assist them maximise their performance.

Quality Team to Help You

We all know of the dismal outsourced call centres that offer low-quality service whilst not truly understanding the customers’ needs. Here at Global Prime, when you pick up the phone to talk with us, you will be talking with an experienced team member at one of our worldwide offices depending on the timezone. We know what it’s like to be a trade and our support team is an imperative part of Global Prime and we are genuinely here to help with any and all related enquiries. Of course you can also reach us by email or even by the live-chat feature on our website.

Availability of Trade Receipts

Many brokers will cover the other side of the trade internally so you never truly know if a bank is actually filling your trade or that your trade is actually going out to market. This has the potential to become a conflict of interest and is a practice we don’t support. We simply act as an intermediary between the trader and the market and will supply proof of which liquidity provider filled a client’s trade on request.

We understand that clients may be sceptical of brokers due to current trends of B booking and market making. We believe that a broker can only be truly transparent if it is honest about its trades and can actually provide the trade receipts to show with which banks the trades were filled and when. Global Prime offers trade receipts to reinforce our core values of transparency, authenticity and trust.

Super Fast Execution Speed

When making trades you want the best execution speed available. Failure to have a fast execution speed could result in prices changing before your trade is filled. Taking into consideration that demo accounts and market makers can fill trades instantly because the trade isn’t actually made, Global Prime has one of the fastest executions among true ECN brokers.

If you ever discover a broker that has “instant execution” this could be a red flag that the broker may be a market maker or running a B book. At Global Prime, we believe the potential conflict of interest present with these brokerage models is unscrupulous and we strongly encourage traders to trade with a proper A book or ECN broker.

Prime Broker Relationship

Global Prime has a prime broker relationship, allowing us to choose which banks and LPs we work with. This also allows us to create custom feeds, trading environments and customised pricing from specific banks for clients that have the need to do so. Geared towards the more serious and institutional traders we are available to discuss your requirements in depth and work together to provide a tailored solution to suit your trading needs.

Backed By Gleneagle

“Founded in 2010 in Sydney Australia, and collectively known as Gleneagle, the group is a privately owned multi-disciplinary financial services house catering to the investing and trading needs of institutional, corporate, high net worth and retail clientele.

Operating under three distinct AFSLs, the Gleneagle group comprises Gleneagle Securities AFSL 337985, Gleneagle Asset Management AFSL 226199 and Global Prime AFSL 385620.

With its roots in corporate advisory, Gleneagle Securities has expanded to include institutional dealing and advisory services and funds management. Providing responsible entity and custody services for managed investment schemes, Gleneagle Asset Management continues to focus on its core offering. Having established an enviable reputation in the FX space, Global Prime facilitates private client dealing and advisory services and platforms across the full suite of trading instruments.

Catering to both wholesale and retail trading and investment needs in Equities, Equity Derivatives (CFDs), Exchange Traded Options, Foreign Exchange and Futures, Gleneagle also provides access to investment opportunities via Initial Placement Offerings (IPOs) and selected managed accounts and funds.

With proven results in Capital Raisings, Corporate Advisory, Asset Management and Prime Brokerage Solutions, Gleneagle is rapidly establishing itself as one of the go-to service providers for savvy market participants.”

Brokerage Info:
Legal Name: Global Prime Pty Ltd
Operational Since: 2010
Domiciled Country: Australia
Headquarters City: Sydney
International Offices: Miami
Regulation: ASIC
Monthly Volume In USD: Undisclosed
Number Of Liquidity Providers: 15+
Managed Account Services: No
Markets/Instraments: Currencies, Metals
Parent/Subsidiary/Affiliations: Fully owned Subsidiary of Gleneagle Securities

Account Parameters:
Broker Type: ECN/STP/DMA
Account Types: Standard ECN
MAM/PAMM Accounts: Yes
Min. Deposit: $500 AUD or Foreign Currency equivalent
Minimum lot size: 0.01 lot
Max Leverage: 1:200
Spread type: Variable – Institutional
Execution Type: Market
Payment options: Credit Card, Bank Wire
Withdrawal options: Same as funding source
Accept US clients: No

Trading Features:
Currency Pairs Total: 42
Trading platforms: Metatrader 4, Ctrader
Commission Fees: $7 USD r/t on a standard lot
News Trading: Not recommended on an ECN
Mirror/Social Trading: Yes
Scalping: Yes, modifications monitored for excessive orders
Hedging: Yes
Expert Advisors: Yes
Swap Free: No
API support: Fix API available per minimum requirements
OCO Orders: No FIFO

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