Darwinex – Tradeslide Trading Tech LTD


It’s 2016 AD and the Internet sets people free: they crowd-source stuff, for everyone’s benefit.

And yet… looking to place your hard-earned savings? Not investing millions?

Sure – get in the queue. For that amount, there’s X, Y or Z: make peanuts in good years (under-exposed to blah, blah) and lose a bundle in bad ones (markets turn, blah, blah).

In 2016, ordinary investors looking for opportunities remain a middlemen-chain away from those finding them. So many, it’s a miracle if the action reaches those holding the chain.

And yet, it’s 2016 and millions of brains trade for independent profit, undiscovered! Surely the best of them are genius? How about legally listing their talent, for everyone’s benefit?

Darwinex is independent traders exchanging profits with DARWIN investors. It’s technology democratising financial markets, for human evolution.

How about you, can we count you in?


Darwinex is the trading name of Tradeslide Trading Tech LTD, regulated in the UK by the FCA.

The FCA oversees our management team, internal processes and capitalisation. Your funds are in segregated client accounts with Barclays (UK) and enjoy FSCS cover.


We charge you a transparent commission to source the best liquidity available the market.

This aligns our interests squarely with yours: our goal is for you to trade at the best available spreads, at all times.

We NEVER trade against customers.

Brokerage Info:
Legal Name: Tradeslide Trading Tech LTD
Operational Since: 2012
Domiciled Country: UK
Headquarters City: London
International Offices: London
Regulation: FCA, MiFID
Monthly Volume In USD: Undisclosed
Number Of Liquidity Providers: ~20
Managed Account Services: No
Markets/Instraments: Forex, Indicies, Commodities, CFDs
Parent/Subsidiary/Affiliations: Privately held firm

Account Parameters:
Broker Type: STP/DMA
Account Types: Cent/Mini/Standard/VIP/ECN-Pro
MAM/PAMM Accounts: No
Min. Deposit: $500
Minimum lot size: 0.01 (micro) lots
Max Leverage: 1:100
Spread type: Market
Execution Type: Market Execution
Payment options: Bank wire, Skrill, Card, Neteller, Union Pay
Withdrawal options: Same as funding source
Accept US clients: No

Trading Features:
Currency Pairs Total: 34
Trading platforms: MT4, FIX API
Commission Fees: 0.005% round-trip
News Trading: Yes
Mirror/Social Trading: Yes
Scalping: Yes
Hedging: Yes
Expert Advisors: Yes
Swap Free: No
API support: Yes FIX
OCO Orders: No

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